European Federation of Psychologists’ Association (EFPA)- Board of Assessment: Survey on test use

Dear colleagues,

The use of psychological tests is a central domain of psychologists, especially interpretation and expert opinion. It is therefore of particular interest to know how tests are used in general and in certain areas of psychology and which problems, e.g. may occur in connection with other professional groups.
This survey on test use was developed by the Board of Assessment (part of the European Federation of Psychologists’ Association; with Dr Charalambos Costeris as nominated representative for Cyprus). The survey results will help us make decisions about using tests in our country. We would be very grateful if you invest a few minutes and tell us your honest opinion on various aspects of using tests. When answering, please use the handling in your special field as a starting point.

You can participate in our study through:

and your participation is anonymous.

Thank you for your time! Please feel free to share our survey link with any Cypriot colleagues.


On behalf of the Board of Assessment – European Federation of Psychologists’

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