CYPSA is the Cyprus professional and scientific Psychological Association.It is an association that looks after the interests of all psychologists and protects and promotes the psychological science.

  • CYPSA provides with information on working as a psychologist or with a psychologist in Cyprus.
  • It is a communication forum for psychologists
  • It assists on legal and practical matters regarding the exercise of the psychological profession
  • CYPSA is well informed on developments within psychology in Europe

Our general objects are:

  • to promote psychology in Cyprus
  • to serve psychologists’ social and professional interests
  • to provide members with a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience

Foreign psychologists and students wishing to work or study in Cyprus can contact directly with CYPSA.


Η ιστοσελίδα του Συνδέσμου Ψυχολόγων είναι υπό ενεργή ανάπτυξη κατά τον μήνα Ιανουάριο. Αν εντοπίσετε δυσκολίες στη χρήση ή προβλήματα, ενημερώστε μας στο info@cypsa.org.cy.