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The European Semester of Psychology takes place at a different European country each semester. It is hosted by a different EFPA member organisation and aims at creating a common space in which European psychologists can interact and communicate as well as creating opportunities for local communities to interact with other psychologists and perspectives.

The current European Semester of Psychology takes place in Cyprus and is hosted by the Cyprus Psychologists’ Association. During this time, a number of events, both EFPA internal events and open to the community, will take place in Nicosia and will gather participation from across the continent.

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During the Cypriot European Semester of Psychology, from July to December 2018, a number of events will be organised and hosted by the Association. Different events will bring a large number of psychologists from across the continent and we hope to generate an environment for local and guest psychologists to share experiences and develop.

The following events are currently confirmed:

  • September 23 – Hiking for BeActive week [more info]
  • September 28 – Workshop: “Social Identity in Cyprus: Raising awareness about the refugee status in the Greek-Cypriot Society” (Students’ Committee)
  • October 3rd – Seminar: What psychology can do for inclusion (Division of School Psychology) [in English]
  • October 20-21st – Conference: ‘Psychology and Health: Best Practices in Practice’ (Division of Clinical and Health Psychology) [information in Greek and English]
  • October 24th – Resilience through the age span (Students’ Committee)
  • November 12-16 – School Psychologists Awareness Week (Division of School Psychology)
    • Annual “Meropi Kapsali” Memorial Lecture
  • November 14: Annual “Meropi Kapsali” Memorial Lecture

During the European Psychology Semester, a number of EFPA events will take place in Cyprus. These events are closed, internal, meetings of the Boards, Task Forces, or other EFPA groups and will bring expert psychologists from other Member Organisations to the island for collaboration.

The following events are currently confirmed:

  • Standing Committee of Psychology in Education
    4 October, 2018
  • Standing Committee of Psychology and Health
    19 October, 2018
  • Executive Council Meeting
    14-15 November, 2018
  • Presidents’ Council Meeting
    16 November, 2018
  • Task Force on e-Health
    16 November, 2018
  • Board of Education Affairs
    17 November, 2018

For Participants: For information and registration at your event, visit the organising website provided by Easy Conferences here.

EFPA, the European Federation of Psychologists’ Association, is a European umbrella organisation based in Brussels, Belgium, and currently represents over 300,000 psychologists, from 37 different member nations. Find out more…

CYPSA, the Cyprus Psychologists’ Association is National scientific and professional organisation based in Nicosia. The organisation was founded in 1980 and hosts students, professional, and academic psychologists. Find out more…

The European Semester of Psychology is a project of EFPA hosted, during July to December 2018 by CYPSA in Nicosia, Cyprus.

The European Certificate of Psychology is a European standard of education and professional training in psychology set by EFPA, and nationally coordinated by CYPSA. Find out more…

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